Demand Side Applications

Industrial or commercial energy consumers can save on electricity by installing energy storage solutions. ESS makes it possible for Cold Storage Units, Supermarkets and Food Processing Plant to intelligently store energy. ESS stores energy during off-peak hours and deploys it during the peak hours. During the peak hours, the electricity demand could decrease up to 100%.

Supply Side Application / Grid Energy Storage

Unlike fossil fuel based power plants, solar and wind power plants have intermittent generation. Installation of batteries allows storing energy to use when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining. This drastically increases the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy plants and allows them to compete with fossil fuel generation plants. Advanced Battery Energy Storage enables power producers to have access to short-term predictable power and plan ahead of time.


Performing Technical Assessment

Evaluating the technical data

Identifying the ESS requirements

Determining the cost and benefits of the project

Choosing the ESS Supplier that meets the requirements of the project

Installation of the ESS System


Operation and Maintenance Services